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Extract emails and online addresses from local files.
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Work with a web data collection utility for Mac. Check out the options for collecting email addresses and URLs from web forms, local files, and text data bundles. Perform recovery operations manually or automatically, view the results, generate lists, etc.

URL Extractor is an app to extract and collect emails and urls in an automatic unattended way from the web or from local files
URL Extractor can be used to extract thousands of email addresses or other url, as example web addresses, in various mode:
* Inserting some web page urls, the app will use those web pages to start to collect data and visit linked pages, continuing unattended the navigation and the data collection to the deep level the user specified in the settings.
* Inserting some keywords and using them as a starting point to run a search on known search engine. The app will use the pages obtained by the search engine to start a navigation and data collection to the requested deep level
* Specifying a file on the local hard disk to extract from

* Specifying a a folder on local hard disk where to search. In case of a folder the app will search to any files and folder inside the starting folder to any deep level to collect all the url as the user specified.
The extracted URL are always ready to be saved/exported on disk for later use for any purpose.
Using keyword extraction or web extraction, URL Extractor will collect data relative to the used keywords or pages, and considering the large and dynamic nature of the web a research could be infinite and with different results at different time.
The results URL Extractor can give are in some way unlimited and can cover any field, providing the user start a search with the related pages or keywords.
The app uses various settings that can be modified to find the right balance for any search.
A very important thing is that URL Extractor is a document based app. That means the user can create a document for any search, containing all the settings used and use it at later time to repeat the search and collect updated results from the web and also from local files if case they were updated.

• Extracts from multiple file inside a folder, to any level of nesting (also thousand and thousand of files in a very short time)
• Extracts directly from the web cross navigating web pages in background. No user action required!
• Extracts on search engines starting from keywords
• Search engine Google extraction from many international google sites using .com .it .fr . au .uk .de and .es .ar .au .at .be .br .ca .fi .nl .se .ch.
• Url table for live web extraction (you see urls as they are collected)
• Extracts web address, ftp address, email address, feed, telnet, local file url, news and generic emails
• Manages url to start extract from and keywords in standard interactive table
• Drag and Drop of files to process them
• Drag and drop of url from your browser to add the list of URL to process
• Fully multithread technology on Cocoa by tension Software, no legacy code inside.
• Uses a separate threading for extraction process and web navigation, no freeze during extraction, even on heavy tasks!
• Option for single domain extraction
• Native help system and PDF user guide inside the app
• Fully Mac OS X 10.7 Lion optimized with: Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen.
URL Extractor is fully compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard and uses an internal multithread engine developed for OS X by Tension Software for the purpose
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