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Universal Translator

Free A tool that will help you translate words and even entire sentences.
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NibiruTech Limited
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Universal Translator is a tool that will help you translate words and even entire sentences from fifty different languages. This application is designed to work with Google Translate in order to instantly provide you with the most accurate results possible.

Besides being highly effective at its main translation function, Universal Translator is also capable of acting like a dictionary and offering you detailed definitions of all the words that you are looking up, in any language that you desire. It will even give you examples in order to demonstrate how to correctly make use of those words in various phrases.

Moreover, Universal Translator will not only assist you in understanding and correctly spelling words and sentences, but will also help you speak the language that you desire exactly like a native. This tool is capable of speaking a wide array of languages, reading all the words and sentences that you have translated.

All in all, Universal Translator is a great program to have at your disposal whenever you are trying to learn or expand your knowledge in a foreign language. This application will be the best tutor possible as it helps you spell as well as speak correctly over fifty languages.

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  • Custom text translation
  • Automated language detection
  • Instant input processing
  • Extremely fast results
  • Translate entire sentences


  • Lack of multi-language output for the same text

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I installed once Universal translate in my Mac's hard disk, but after maintenance my HD. The maintener had formatted it and I can not install it any more from the App store, please advice what I could do. Thank you

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