Unity Session 3.3

Latest release in the BitHeadz product line.
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Unity Session is the latest release in the BitHeadz product line. It brings a number of our existing professional software programs into one convenient package. Unity Session combines the functionality of hardware samplers, analog synthesizers, and physically modeled instruments into one fully integrated environment. An instrument so pure in sound, so rich in texture, and so dedicated to the art of creating music that it has united the acoustic past with the electric present to bring you the virtual future of sound generation and creation. Stereo Mixer with MIDI and Audio Effects Session brings the world's of Unity DS-1 and Unity AS-1 (formerly Retro AS-1) together by allowing both programs to be supported within the same Mixer and Editor applications. All of the Libraries, Banks and Programs are now selected and assigned within the same Mixer application. The Unity Editor will allow you to create and/or edit DS-1 and AS-1 banks, as well as opening and converting Gigasampler, Unity 2.x, Retro 2.x Sound Font 2.0, Sample Cell II and DLS files on the fly. In addition to the sample formats available for editing through the Mixer, you will also be able to convert a number of other formats through the conversion utility included in Session. You favorite Akai S-1000/S-3000 and Roland S-760/S-770 formatted samples can easily be converted and brought into Session.
What's new in this version:
"Precise Playback" engine for Finale and Sibelius users. EXS24, HALion, Rex 1 support for Unity Session. Editor will encrypt samples in .uty files.



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