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Free UFO Hotseat Lite is a free turn-based strategy game.
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UFO Hotseat Lite is a free turn-based strategy game. I know that turn-based games are not for everyone, so it is understandable that some gamers pass completely on titles like this. I am a curious gamer, so I gave it a try. The first thing that I noticed were great optimized graphics. My Mac never got hot during the time the game was running, which is no small feat. The music is also very good and I never found it repetitive.

The game gives you control of a squad of soldiers, which you have to move and prepare in every turn. You also have can give your soldiers power-ups when you have them. There are no instructions when you start playing the game. So I figured I would move my soldiers in a defensive position. So I waited turn after turn for something to happen. The computer player kept moving its units and in one of the turns I heard gunfire while I was seeing the "computer is moving its squad" window. When that window disappeared, I had one less soldier. Apparently, the game never shows you the action. So my question is, how can I prepare against a squad I can't see? Basically, a little help from the developers would be great.

JF Senior editor
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  • Nice graphics
  • Nice music
  • Well-optimized


  • No instructions
  • Can't see enemy squad



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