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TypeIndex.org Font Finder 1.0

Search the font you need directly from the Dashboard.
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The Font Finder is a quick and easy to use widget that allows you to search the font you need directly from the Dashboard. With Font Finder, you can browse the world's largest free and documented database of all fonts, from all the world, at the speed of light! It is not only a handy device, but also a great time-saving opportunity : no need to launch your browser, click your TypeIndex.org bookmark or enter its URL manually, select a search type, and enter your query into the TypeIndex.org 's Quick Search bar. All this can now be performed directly from the Dashboard : simply enter your search string, select one of the 3 search types (by Font name, by font author 's name or by Foundry's name, and hit return ! You'll be immediately transported to the TypeIndex.org's result page, and get all the infos you need to get or buy the font you need.

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