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TXTcrypt allows you to encrypt and decrypt any desired piece of text in no time.
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TXTcrypt is a lightweight Mac application that can help you to instantly encrypt any desired piece of text with a specified password. With the help of this small tool you can safely send important messages to other users over the Internet, without worrying that someone else will intercept and read it.

Using TXTcrypt is very easy and all you have to do in order to encrypt your text is simply provide the source, type the desired password and click on the "Encrypt" button. It can't get much easier than that. If you have received an encrypted message with the help of TXTcrypt and you want to quickly decode it, you can easily do that by applying the same principles as mentioned above for the encryption process.

A great thing about the TXTcrypt is the fact that you can use it not only on your Mac, but also on any kind of smartphone that you might own. This way, you can send encrypted messages from your iPhone without worrying about their privacy.

Other than that, TXTcrypt comes with a simple and intuitive interface and the lack of any settings or complicated menus keeps the job of encrypting and decrypting your texts as easy as possible.

All in all, if you are looking for a free Mac application that can help you instantly encrypt and decrypt any desired piece of text, then the lightweight TXTcrypt is a good choice.

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