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TunesArt is a very handy desktop application for when you are playing your audio files. iTunes is a heavy application, so when you have many other applications open, it sometimes takes a long time to maximize iTunes. If only there would be a way to see what track is playing right on your desktop, pause it, or skip. You can do this with this application.

After the installation, it will be in your system notification tray. Of course, it requires you to have iTunes running, but it can stay always minimized, therefore, your graphic card don't have to re-draw iTunes window, which is time consuming when you have many applications opened. This small program shows the album art for a particular track. It has the options to pause, skip, and rewind a track. From the options you can choose to display the lyrics for a particular track, only if those lyrics are in your file's tag data.

I think of this program as a remote control to your iTunes. Also, this is a very convenient way to see what's playing and skip if you don't like it. All of my media files are well organized, therefore I couldn't test to see what would display if a track is missing an album art picture. Overall, all this is not a bad idea. I give 5 stars to this program.

Joshua Wrightwood
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