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It is a simple image processor designed to help you concatenate pictures.
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Tunacan is a simple image processor designed to help you concatenate pictures. The result consists of a chain of images, viewable in one document. Unlike when displaying pictures in slideshow mode, the application simply aligns in a row the images that were formerly saved as individual photos in separate files.

The program's interface is straightforward and uncluttered. All you need to do is add the image files you want to include in your project, set the distance between the photos and, with a press of a button, they will be concatenated into a single file that you can save at a computer location you determine. The pictures are resized automatically, so that they can fit into one row. The application offers a preview of the resulting file – this way, you can view the arrangement of pictures into your project. If you want to exclude a photo from the chain, you just need to remove the correspondent file from the list of imported images. The modification is perceived in real time in the bottom half area of the main window.

With a simple approach and an intuitive image-joining procedure, Tunacan can be used to provide visual instructions by means of chained screenshots or related images. Unfortunately, the resulting file will be saved exclusively as a PNG file.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Saves the images of multiple files into one document
  • Concatenates pictures in a row
  • Resizes images automatically
  • Can be used for tutorials with image support


  • Exports only as PNG
  • The interface is rather dull
  • You can't control the image quality
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