Tropical Farm

When a hurricane ravages a island, the people to restore beautiful getaway.
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Tropical Farm is a very simple time-management game with a farming theme in which you need to help people rebuild a tropical resort after it has been destroyed by a hurricane. To do so, you will need to grow and sell vegetables. With the money you obtain from the sales, you will be able to buy houses and other buildings to restore the city life. In every level, there will be a certain amount of vegetables that you need to sell in order to get to the next level. The levels are timed, and if you manage to sell more vegetables than your goal was, you will receive bonuses, such as extra seeds or money.
The gameplay is simple. You just need to click on the seeds to plant them in the available land holes and then, when the plants grow, you need to collect them in a basket and take them to the truck to send to the market. From time to time, the plants may also need water or cleaning, so you should pay attention. As you progress in the game, your status will improve, thus getting more and more stars. Sadly, the game offers only one mode, no achievements, and very simple graphics and sounds. Luckily, the music is pleasant.
In short, Tropical Farm is just a simple time-management game for beginners which will help them pass the time when they are bored.

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  • Easy to play
  • Nice theme


  • Only one mode
  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • No achievements



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