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Free daily six-pack of trivia questions to enlighten & entertain
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Specifically created for the iPhone and iPod Touch but playable in any modern web browser, Trivia Why's Daily Quiz keeps you sharp with a few minutes of exercise for the left side of your brain and a touch of wit for the right. Know all the answers? Congratulations, you're a trivia genius! Not so sharp today? Great, you've learned something!
Test yourself in these six general categories: Entertainment & Food: movies, television, music, and food. History & Government: history, government, and politics. Math & Science: math, science, and technology. Geography & Nature: geography, animals, and nature. Literature & Arts: literature, art, drama, and religion. Sports & Games: sports, games, and toys.
Have fun, and remember to return for a new quiz every day!
Note: All trivia questions are excerpted and updated from the Trivia Why's book series.



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