Triazzle Island

Fill the board in order animals will get matched and highlighted.
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Triazzle Island is a lovely puzzle game where you need to fill the board with the pieces given in such a way that the animals get matched and highlighted. The objective of every level is to place all the pieces correctly as quickly as possible to score more points. The pieces can be rotated to fit the puzzle and if you have trouble with finding a solution, you can use hints. There are different types of hints available but every time you use them, you will lose points. The available hints are: edge detection hints (you need to click on the edges of the board and you will get aware which animal goes there), placement hints (they tell you exactly where to place a certain piece), and check all hints (they check the position of the pieces and fix those incorrectly placed).

As you advance in the game, it will get more and more challenging, with puzzles with a lot of pieces to complete. Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode and one difficulty level. Graphics are very colorful and attractive. Sounds are great and the music is very suitable.

To conclude, if you are looking for a challenging, enjoyable and very attractive game to deal with, Triazzle Island may meet your needs.

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  • Very enjoyable
  • Challenging
  • Nice theme
  • Lovely graphics and sounds


  • Only one mode and one difficulty level
  • There are no trophies

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If you like puzzles, you'll definitely appreciate this one. The game is awesome. Graphics are wonderful. Furthermore, it's challenging. I highly recommend it.

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