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Transmit is an FTP, SFTP and Amazon S3 client for the Mac.
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Transmit is an FTP, SFTP and Amazon S3 client for the Mac. It is one of the best solutions for the uploading and downloading of files from those protocols in general. It isn't a free tool, but it offers a great number of features that make it ideal for the task.

Transmit has a great user interface that allows you to integrate offline and online resources to make moving files easier. You can view files in different ways and you can add shortcuts to folders and sites for easy access. There is support for highlighted directories and what is called "Places", an easy way to access your folders. I personally like the fact that there is a bar at the top of the site or folder that you are browsing that allows you to go back to any of the folders that make up that path.

Transmit 4 has been recently improved quite substantially. Most of the improvement can be seen in its performance rather than in new features. One of the problems that I experienced with earlier versions was that listing and downloading small files was just a pain in the neck. They are boasting now that speeds have been improved 25x and that an especial effort was given to fixing problems with small files.

All in all, Transmit is just a great app that has amazing features. It works incredibly well and it looks great.

José Fernández
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