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Train Titans Lite 1.02

Train Titans Lite is a train puzzle game for the Mac.
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Sad Cat Software

Train Titans Lite is a train puzzle game for the Mac. In the game, you have to solve different puzzles that involve trains and train stations. The simplest puzzles can be solved by simply building rails that connect a train and a city of the same color. As you progress through the game, the puzzles will become harder and harder, and new elements will be added. For example, after a few puzzles, you will have multiple trains to connect with multiple cities using the same rails. For this, you will have to master how to use train signals. These are lights that stop a train from circulating in a given direction when they are red. When the signals are green, the train has free passage through those rails. Those are just some of the obstacles that you will have to overcome to complete the puzzles.

After you have completed 5 puzzles, you can access the single mode, also called survival mode. In this mode, the action is constant. Trains are coming in all the time, and you never know when one is coming, so you have to think ahead. You can continue building rails even when the trains are on the move, unlike the puzzle mode.

In short, this is a very challenging puzzle game. The "Lite" version comes with quite a few different puzzles, and the single mode should provide enough fun to keep you for a while.

José Fernández
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