tracktion 7.2

Work with standard audio and MIDI files.
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Access the workstation environment for MIDI and standard audio content. Manage the uploaded files and perform composition, recording, mixing, editing, and sharing according to general standards and personal specifications. Save projects and render files.

Tracktion is a radical new audio/midi workstation - giving you a clean, intuitive, and clutter-free interface without losing the features you find in software costing much more.
If you like your sequencer to use dozens of overlapping windows, Tracktion is not for you. It won't pretend to be a mixing desk or show you panels with pictures of screws in the corners or 3D knobs that are accurately copied from a real piece of hardware. It doesn't use concepts like 'busses' or 'sends' that were developed for analogue mixing desks. There is no windows clutter, nor obscure menus full of commands Requirements
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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