TotalTerminal 1.5

System-wide terminal available on a hot key.
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TotalTerminal is a plugin for It provides persistent Visor Window which slides down when you press a hot-key. Remember Quake Console? You can trigger Visor Window with your hot-key from any application to get an instant terminal session. To hide Visor Window, you can either re-trigger with your key-combo or click off the TotalTerminal window.
What's new in this version:
It is newly possible to resize active Terminal window using hotkeys CMD+OPT+ARROWS (see the Window menu). Visor sliding is newly implemented via animation groups instead of using an active loop (sliding is smooth even if you press hot-key during animation to reverse it). When activating the visor window via a hot-key, the keyboard focus is transferred to as the first operation (this can help prevent rare problem of missing a quick keystroke after activati...

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