TopNote 8.6

A great program that allows you to write memos on the desktop.
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TopNote is a smart and easy-to-use application that helps you write memos on the desktop of your Mac device. The program has the appearance of a "post-it" note. You are able to change the size of the note by dragging the lower left corner that looks like a bended paper. You are able to categorize memos by changing the color of the notes.

TopNote allows you to change the font of the text and you can choose from a dozen of text types. The program also enables you to select the appearance of the text. You can choose from regular, bold, italic, condensed, highlighted and others. The program lets you change the appearance only to parts of the text which you want to be highlighted. You are able to select the alignment of the text so it will be on left or right sides of the note, in the center, etc.

You already have some colors available but if you are not satisfied of them you are able to change them. To do so, click "Style" in the toolbar.

When you download this application, it comes in a package of five programs from where you choose the one you want, in this case TopNote.

Shortly speaking, TopNote is a great program that proves to be very helpful by "sticking" notes on your desktop so you do not forget about important things.

Abbie Crang
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Colours and styles can be changed


  • Only parts of the text can be customizable
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