TopAgenda 8.6

A smart program that provides a calendar and an agenda.
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TopAgenda is a great program that provides an agenda for your Mac in order for you to organize your time. This agenda includes a calendar where you can create a "to do" list for every hour of a day. Simply click on a specific day from the calendar when you want to schedule something and write the thing that you want to do. In the "to do" list you can insert representative icons for each task such as appointment, meeting, go, confirmed, canceled, buy, pay, party, send, telephone, fax and so on.

TopAgenda also allows you to categorize all the tasks from your list. In order to be easily spotted in the calendar, each category has a color, so if you have a task on a certain day from the calendar, that day will have the color of the task category.

The calendar has four different views: year, month, week and day and when you select one of them, the interface changes.

This amazing program also has a journal where you can write your thoughts or the things that happened to you on a particular day.

Briefly, TopAgenda is a smart application that proves to be very helpful and covers your needs when it comes to organizing your time.

Abbie Crang
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  • Allows you to create a "to do" list for each day from the calendar,
  • Provides a journal


  • The beginner users might find the program quite difficult to use given the complexity of the interface
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