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A productivity tool to keep you focused on determined tasks.
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Tomato One is a productivity tool that keeps you focused on tasks without reaching exhaustion. The tool is based on the pomodoro technique, which alternates work sessions with short and long breaks so you can complete the assigned tasks in due time and still not feel tired.

The program installs both on the menu bar and as an icon in the Dock, which makes it easily accessible whenever required. The utility allows you to configure the work and the break sessions the way you prefer. The standard working time for pomodoros is 25 minutes, followed by short breaks of 5 minutes and long breaks after five completed pomodoros. Still, you can set custom time intervals for each parameter. In addition, you can pause the countdown at any moment and resume it when turning back to work. The countdown is displayed on the program's main window, but you can also set it to appear in the menu bar for an uncluttered desktop. Unfortunately, the tool doesn't come with a notification alert to warn you before the time lapses.

To conclude, this app offers a convenient solution to manage your time productively. It helps you stick to the plan by keeping you focused on the tasks that you need to fulfill and letting you rest to regain your strengths.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy control from the menu bar
  • Configurable intervals for work sessions and break times
  • Current week and last week statistics
  • Supports both automatic and manual restart of pomodoros


  • No notification alert before the time lapses
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