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To The Rescue! 1.0

To The Rescue! is a sort of time-management and adventure game.
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Alawar Entertainment, Inc

To The Rescue! is a sort of time-management and adventure game. Your objective is to fix and rebuild towns that suffered natural disasters. In each level, you arrive at a location where there is debris and broken houses. Your job is to use workers to fix the buildings that were destroyed and gather resources to re-build the town and free workers that might be trapped.

On the first few levels that I played, you start with one worker. All you have to do is click on different buildings, debris or resources to interact with them. There are three types of income that you collect and use throughout the game: food, logs and gold. You collect food by either repairing a restaurant or collecting food from piles throughout the level. You can repair sawmills to create logs, or you can collect those that you find on the level. The same goes for gold. To repair bridges or clear up debris, you will need resources, so you first have to gather those. Each level has a different objective and a time limit. If you finish the level before a certain time has passed, you get a gold prize. If more time goes on, you will get a silver prize. So even after you complete the entire game, you can go back to specific levels to improve your time.

José Fernández
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  • Multitasking is required
  • Easy to play


  • Not very challenging
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