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TinyGrab is an app designed to make screenshot uploading an easy task.
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TinyGrab is an app designed to make screenshot uploading an easy task. It can automatically upload the screenshots that you take on your system and upload them to the Cloud, all without user input. Then, the app returns a TinyURL that you can share with anyone. To use the service, you have to sign up for an account with TinyGrab. There is a free account, but the paid ones are the ones that have the nice features.

Unfortunately, in my testing, I couldn't get TinyGrab to work, at all. The app sits on the Menubar, from where you can call the screenshot-taking feature or upload an image from the Pasteboard. TinyGrab uses Mac OS X's built-in screenshot taker. And you can still use the keyboard shortcuts if you want. In theory, after you take a screenshot, TinyGrab uploads it and it puts a TinyURL on your clipboard. When I took a screenshot (a very small one), the Menubar icon showed a red arrow. This probably means that the screenshot is uploading. That arrow is supposed to turn green when the process is done, and that never happened.

In short, TinyGrab seems to be a very new app. So, they might still be working to work out some problems. Most of the features still don't seem to be available, even for the Pro accounts.

José Fernández
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