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Free Freelancers and independent contractors rejoice -- time tracking is no longer a pain it always used to be.
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★ Freelancers and independent contractors rejoice -- time tracking is no longer a pain it always used to be. ★
Introducing The Original Time Tracker Pro's Mac App Store Debut!
Checkout a 4 min screencast here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBQdX3ds6Bc
Time Tracker Pro automatically tracks how much time you spend doing various tasks. Whether you're doing graphic design, programming, writing documentation or Skyping with your clients, your time is always accounted for.
Accurate and hassle-free time tracking means more billable minutes for you and that translates to increased productivity, more money and more free time!
✔ Perfect for Freelancers and Independent Professionals -- Track and organize multiple projects for multiple clients. When you're done, the total time is automatically calculated.
✔ Tracks Everything -- Tracks what kind of apps you're working with and the documents that you're interacting with inside those apps. For instance, if you're designing different logos for different clients, you'll be able to see time spent on specific PSD files.
✔ Organize by Projects and Activities -- Time Tracker Pro is one of the very few apps where you can organize your time by projects AS WELL as activities. For instance, your projects can be your clients that you're doing work for. The activities can be a group of similar related tasks such as graphic design, web development, documentation, meetings with the client.
✔ Much More -- Visit www.timetrackerproapp.com/ilite and learn more about how to increase your freelancer productivity. Learn the benefits of why Time Tracker Pro is an absolute indispensable tool to the modern freelancer.
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