Timemator 2.2

Tracks the time you spend on your computer activities.

Timemator is a time managing app that tracks the time you spend on your computer activities. The program mainly addresses those who are paid according to the time assigned to specific project tasks. The time counter supports being started and respectively, paused, either manually using available buttons, or automatically, based on defined rules.

The application installs at close reach in the menu bar of your Mac. Clicking the Timemator's icon opens the program's interface that displays existing tasks and helps you create new ones with ease. Unfortunately, the main window stays stuck beneath the upper bar, so you can't move it elsewhere on the screen to view and edit your tasks in a more comfortable way. Adding a new task is a rather complex procedure as it implies multiple settings. Yet, the reports you get are outstanding. Therefore, you need to assign a suggestive name for your task, integrate it in a folder for a rigorous organization of tasks, choose a tag-like color for fast identification, add notes if necessary, and select the billing mode. When it comes to billable tasks, all you need to do is select your hourly rate and Timemator will calculate your revenue on the spot. Each task supports configuring rules to start and pause the timer automatically. This way, the rules configurator allows you to determine apps and/or files which once opened, activate the auto-tracking mode and start the timer on your behalf.

Timemator is a great task organizer and timekeeper that monitors your computer activities and generates handy reports. The tool runs completely offline, which is both an advantage and a drawback. On the one hand, you don't depend on the Internet connection to do your job, but on the other hand, you can't work remotely from synced devices.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Track time automatically based on set rules
  • Configure billable tasks
  • Organize tasks into folders
  • Tag tasks with colors
  • Generate task reports
  • Supports importing CSV files


  • Can't move the main window around the screen
  • Can't sync tasks across devices