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Free Special calendar that allows you see both the Tibetan and Solar calendar.
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Quan Le
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TibetanCalendar is a nice and simple calendar that shows both the Solar and Tibetan Calendars. The calendar has a fancy design and it is very easy to use. The bigger part of the calendar shows the current date and еру day of the week in the solar calendar, and at the bottom part, you can see the current time, as well as the day, month and year in the Tibetan or Lunar calendar. Moreover, if you click on the date, you can also view the meaning of that day. There's also a button that says "Today", which automatically takes you to the present day.

The calendar allows you to convert solar dates to lunar dates in a snap, and there's a monthly view calendar, with both lunar and solar annotations. Sadly, the calendar doesn't include reminders or alarms, and you are not allowed to add notes or any content to it. Another disadvantage is the lack of customization options.

In short, this calendar may only be of use if you are interested in the Tibetan calendar, otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time with it.

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  • Free
  • It has a converter
  • Very easy to use


  • No customization options
  • No reminders or alarms
  • You cannot add entries



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