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Collect, organize, and process your thoughts.
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ThinkingRock uses Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology as written in David Allen's homonymous book in order to provide a versatile time management platform. Its functionality follows a flow of actions based on events entered in its database (in this case called thoughts): setup, collect, process and organize. Due to ThinkingRock's versatility, the program's effectiveness in your everyday life lies in the long run; users looking for instant results will find themselves in need of reading the manual first.

The utility comes with very few template entries: this means I had to spend some time adding topics and contexts myself. In terms of interface, the welcome screen alone displays the steps required for using ThinkingRock; in spite of this, the manual is well documented and shows all the program's capabilities.

Once a thought has been created and processed, it will become available in the calendar. The calendar offers an entry overview based on a selected time interval: day, week, month or year. Users may generate multiple types of reports, related to a set of actions, projects or items (as PDFs). The application can export contents of a database to XML and TXT file formats and synchronize its data to an external device (iPhone).

ThinkingRock can handle both personal and work related tasks; while its flexibility may intimidate users at first, having the ability to customize most aspects of its usage that comes as an advantage. If your life is full of schedules, tasks and appointments, then ThinkingRock should help you manage them efficiently.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Fully customizable
  • Can generate reports
  • Calendar overviews


  • Lack of wizard interface for novice users
  • Requires reading the product's manual
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