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Manages garbage files more efficiently than Trash.
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theBin is a macOS trash managing application that offers to administrate files you decide to delete from your computer. Therefore, you may consider this program an alternative to Mac's Trash, as it comes with significant improvements over the classic garbage storage folder.

The tool opens with a rather small user interface that displays the number of items meant to be discarded and the size they take on disk space. Similarly to the standard Trash can, you can empty the Bin manually, simply by pressing the red Empty button. However, the strength of this program resides from Settings that allow you to configure a series of rules for files and folders meant to be erased. Therefore, the items sent to Trash can auto-migrate to the Bin for much easier file management. This way, you can ask the program to clear the bin automatically after a day, a week, or a month. Unfortunately, configuring custom time intervals for auto-removing can't be set. However, the files send to trash are stored in a compressed form so they take up less space on your disk. For the same space preservation reason, the duplicate files are replaced with proxies.

To conclude, theBin allows you to manage trash files in an efficient way. It comes with handy garbage administration features so you can benefit from a good running system.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Compresses garbage files for disk space preservation
  • Migrates Trash files to app storage
  • Removes files permanently at determined time intervals
  • Replaces duplicate files with proxies


  • Can't set custom time intervals for auto-deleting unwanted files