The Tagger

The Tagger 1.6

Tag all MP3 and AAC audio files on a Mac.
1.6.1 (See all)
Organize your music with custom D3 tags for convenient browsing and searching. Export the tag information from Discogs, the most comprehensive music database on the web. Replace the existing tags and save the results, then view the metadata in other search tools.

The Tagger is an MP3 and AAC tagger for Mac OS X that combines powerful features with an intuitive and refined interface such as regular expression, Find & Replace, Discogs integration and an impressive range of ID3 tags. Features Edit many more ID3 Tags than iTunes or other editors Search & Retrieve Tags from Discogs Find & Replace using Regular Expressions Case Transformation: capitalize, uppercase & lowercase Tag Trimming tool Prefix & Suffix tool Rename Files from Tags Get Tags from Filenames Remove Hidden Personal Data from iTunes Plus files Multiple Artwork Export to iTunes Integrated Quick Look

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