The Secret of Hildegards 1.0

The Secret of Hildegards is a nice hidden object game with perplexing puzzles.
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The Secret of Hildegards is an entertaining hidden object game with lots of perplexing puzzles. The game offers simple though interesting gameplay, good graphics and relaxing music. The story of the game tells us about Abigail Hildegard who finds out from the family attorney that her father has gone. On the occasion, she inherits the Hildegards estate and gets instructions to defend the family form the betrayer, her uncle, who now is on the evil's side.

To help Abigail, you will need to explore the Hildegards estate, search for objects hidden in numerous locations, and solve challenging puzzles. The gameplay is easy: you go to a location of interest, find all the objects from the list, solve a puzzle and go further. Locations of interest are sparkled, hints are available, and puzzles are skippable. Unfortunately, there are no difficulty modes, so you can not switch hints and skips off.

But, what I liked in the game, is that you will not need to come back to the location you've already been, so, if you are done with the garden or with a room, it means that you are really done with it. And there is no tiresome walking around in search of something to open somewhat in a place you've been before.

All in all, the Secret of Hildegards is an interesting game to make a time of it.

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  • Good graphics
  • Relaxing music
  • Challenging puzzles


  • No difficulty modes



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