The Number Dictionary 1.0

This program offers you information regarding numbers between 1 and 150.
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This Mac application was created to offer you information regarding any number between 1 and 150. The Number Dictionary comes with a straightforward interface, immediately provides you with details based on the arithmetical value you enter, and lets you copy the offered information to your clipboard if necessary.

By using this program, you can learn if a number is odd or even, prime or square, the power of an arithmetical value, and find out which are its divisors. After you enter the number you wish to analyze, this utility will provide you with aforementioned details.

Even though the program works like a charm, I still can't find a reason to install it on your Mac. Nowadays, you can find almost any type of information you need online. For instance, on Wikipedia I ran across a detailed summary about the number 25 (even more information than The Number Dictionary has to offer).

Another thing you need to consider before installing this application on your computer is that it offers you info about numbers between 1 and 150. If you need to learn details about numbers smaller than 0 or larger than 150, you should try to find the necessary info online.

In conclusion, The Number Dictionary is a simple to handle Mac app and doesn't come with a price. So, you can test it and see if it helps you or you can just rely on the information provided by websites like Wikipedia.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Immediately offers you info regarding the entered number
  • Lets you copy number details to clipboard
  • Free


  • Provides you with a limited amount of details regarding the entered number



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