The Clumsys

The Clumsys 2.0

Collect all the kids accidentally sent back in time.
2.0 (See all)
Apple Inc.

Clean the mess left after Tim and his naughty friends discovered a time machine and sent 20 kids in different periods of time. Travel back in time, find them all, remove unfitting objects in each era you go to, and fix the damage done by kids in the scene.

The Clumsys... Tim and his mischievous friends got themselves into quite a pickle when they discovered Grandpa's latest invention, The Time Machine. Help Grandpa track down 20 kids lost in time and clean up any traces they left behind. Who knows what kind of chain reaction a toy car could cause in the year 200 BC.
- Well over 10 hours of game play
- 100 levels
- 4 unique modes of game play
- 3 unique vision gadgets
- 20 missing kids
- 1 Missing Grandpa

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