The Amazing Roach Log Oracle (ARLO)

The Amazing Roach Log Oracle (ARLO) 1.2

Carracho server log analyzer
1.2 (See all)
Phil Hilton

ARLO is a log analyzer for Carracho server upload and download logs written in perl. ARLO reads the server logs, and presents various statistical information to the user. General stats for a user (uploads, downloads, leech rating). All of the nicknames a user had when they made file transfers. A list of files uploaded by a particular user. A list of files downloaded by a particular user. The leech ratings of all users on the server sorted by rating or by login name. Server wide stats (uploads, downloads, leech rating, and 4 "top 10" lists.Find a file's uploader(s) or downloader(s) by searching for the filename.
What's new in this version:
Non-Ineractive ModeA myriad of command line optionsThe ability to specify log file locationsFull ReportingCan print header and footer files before and after the normal outputCan optionaly print using standard macos line breaksCan turn "Top 10" lists in to "Top X" lists where you specify X

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