Textify Me

Textify Me 1.74

GET READY TO BE TEXTIFIED This interactive screen saver turns everything in front of your camera into text!

Textify Me is an interesting effect for your webcam. When you launch this application, and you have a webcam installed on your Mac, it will turn your webcam image into strings of text. This effect is applied in real-time and you can customize it quite a lot. The app is run in full-screen. You can also turn this app into a screensaver or add the effect to iChat straight from the application window. If you go to the Preferences window, you can customize a few things. First, you can choose what color you want a text to be. By default, it is green. And it looks good like that. Another thing you can change is the resolution of the characters. By moving the sliding bar right, you increase a size of the characters. The smaller the characters are, the more detailed an image will be. The last setting that you can change is video contrast. I didn't think this had too much of an effect on the picture. If you move it all the way to the right, the image becomes darker.

In short, Textify Me is an interesting app. It is a nice concept for a screensaver. I don't have an Apple webcam, and I thought the image was too dark at times.

José Fernández
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  • Interesting concept
  • Can be made as a screensaver


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