Tessellation 1.0

A customizable animated desktop screensaver.
Replace the standard screensavers for the desktop of your Mac with a custom psychedelic animated presentation. Select the color, gradient, or rainbow parameters of displayed shapes and objects, adjust the speed of displaying triangles, hexagons, and squares along with their transitions.

Tessellation is for you if you're looking for an artful, modern take on the psychedelic screen savers of the past. Lean back and chill with this mesmerizing visual of tessellating tiles.
Save your creation as a full-fledged screensaver and turn your idle computer into a work of art.
- Choose a single color, gradient or rainbow.
- Select from triangle, square or hexagon tiles.
- Speed controls adjust the wiggle and color transition rates.
- Preset themes available for quick configuration and much more!
- Screensavers have even more options available in System Preferences!

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