TechTool Pro versions

Run diagnostics processes on your Mac device.
02 Aug 2021
21 Oct 2010

What's new

v5.0 [21 Oct 2010]
- Added 64-bit support to the TechTool Protection system preference.
- Major improvements and fixes to the File Structures test.
- Fixed issues with TechTool Protection on non-administrator user accounts.
- Additional support for SSD (solid state drives) in SMART Check test.
- Fixed Cache size for Intel i5 and i7 processors.
- Fixed SMART Check reporting issue.
- Addressed support for SD cards in Tests category.
- Fixed low memory issue with Volume Rebuild tool and eDrive creation.
- Updated dynamic volume mount/unmount for Surface Scan and File Structures tests.
- Addressed FileVault when creating an eDrive volume.
- Updated and fixed localization issues for French, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).
- Included additional machine identification models to Check Computer.

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