TechRTA 4.0

realtime analyzer visual plug-in for iTunes

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TechRTA provides an informative, technically oriented display.
TechRTA is a free Visual Plug-In for Apple's iTunes that implements a stereo realtime analyzer and phase scope.
TechRTA provides faster transient response, a bigger, more visually engaging display, wider frequency response and more options than the built-in "thumbnail" RTA of iTunes.
TechRTA uses high-performance 12th order synthesized analog bandpass filters, similar to professional realtime analyzers that cost hundreds of dollars (or more).
Also included is a benchmarking feature that lets you compare the screen redraw, integer (image preparation) and floating point performance of different computers.
The plug-in will run under Mac OS 9 (v. 1.1) and Mac OS X (with iTunes 1.1.1 or later). The download includes both OS 9 (v. 1.1) and OS X (v. 1.2) versions.
The 31-band capability of the plug-in (10-band capability is free) and AltiVec optimizations may be permanently enabled by purchasing an activation key. Instructions for obtaining and installing the key, complete details about the software, and online help, are included with the software.
What's new in this version:
No longer absorbs key-presses. Larger format for improved display. Free update for previous customers.

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