System-i Email Extractor

System-i Email Extractor 2020.1

This app helps you find and extract email addresses from files and websites.
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2020.1.3 (See all)

This program was created for Mac users who are looking for a simple and quick way to extract email addresses from files and websites. The utility supports various file formats, immediately scans the selected files, and allows you to export the resulted list to a TXT file within moments.

System-i Email Extractor works with formats like PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, XLS, etc. After you import the file you wish to scan, the program reveals a list containing all found email addresses. You can check their syntax and DNS (Domain Name System) to see if they're correct or were misspelled in the imported file.

It also features an integrated search tool that helps you immediately find the webpages you wish to scan. The program takes just a few moments to scan websites and reveal the found data.

You can export the resulted list of email addresses to your local directories, no matter which type of scan you performed (scanned a file or a webpage).

All in all, System-i Email Extractor works great and is very simple to use. Plus, it's cheap. So, you should definitely give this program a try if you ever need to easily extract email addresses from files or webpages.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Supports various file formats
  • Fast processing speed
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Allows you to export the resulted list


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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