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Free An iTunes-to-Android media synchronizing application.
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SynctunesMac allows you to synchronize media contents between your iTunes library and an Android device, like a smartphone and a tablet. For the transfer, it is necessary to install the required applications on both the computer and the portable device. Unluckily, the application only supports connecting via Wi-Fi, and it would be good that it supported connecting by other means, such as Bluetooth and USB cable.

For the synchronization to happen, it is necessary to set a link between the two devices. Unluckily, doing this is not so easy, and many users could get stuck at this step, which is why it is a good idea to consult the online tutorial. It is good, however, that from that moment on, using the tool becomes much easier.

Although the developers claim the application can automatically detects connected Android devices, my experience was rather different, so I had to it manually. In that case, to start a connection, you need to specify the portable device’s IP address and port number, which you can get from the app’s interface. After doing this, you can pick the iTunes collections or playlists you would like to synchronize. However, this is as specific as you can get, since you have no control of what specific items to transfer. Fortunately, the synchronization is carried out accurately and smoothly.

All in all, although SynctunesMac is not free from drawbacks, it successfully solves the problem of letting you play contents of your iTunes media library on other types of devices. The product can be used for free, but may need to download additional applications to play music files.

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  • Smooth and accurate synchronization


  • Automatic device detection not always works
  • No control of specific items
  • Only Wi-Fi connections supported



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