SymbolTexture 9.3

textures / design creator for Illustrator using symbols
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For Illustrator CS2 CS1 10
Plugin creates backgrounds / textures / designs / abstract designs / frames / based on symbols in the symbol palette.
The symbols can be any type of Illustrator path / images / text / paragraphs / meshes / gradients etc. The plugin is supplied with a number of bonus symbols but the native symbols or your own symbols can be used in the plugin. The plugin applies the symbols in 100s of different ways to create many different designs, also has layer features for use with animations (export to other formats).
A demo is available on the graphicxtras site.
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What's new in this version:
Added tumble button - use to tryout a huge range of settingsValidate symbol addition added to avoid invalid symbol selectionIf no symbol selected or randomization/order set, then the first symbol in the symbol palette is pickedAdded documentView suite + tracker suite to the pluginAdded view / zoom setting - set initially at 100%, can zoom from 1% to 500% to show more or less of the documentAdded size (initial size) of the symbol, to re-size th...



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