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Sweet MIDI Player 2.7

Open, convert, transpose, and edit MIDI files.
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Play and modify files in the MIDI format. Mix and convert MIDI tracks to multiple audio formats, adjust their tempo parameters, view and edit the lyrics, alter the control messages, etc. Generate playlists using the Jukebox tool and select and mute certain MIDI channels.

Sweet MIDI Player is intended for not only playing but also editing MIDI files. The application has a rather unusual interface. Thus, instead of having the characteristic layout of a music player, it looks more like a mixer, with separate volume knobs for each channel. In this respect, it is quite convenient that you can assign instrument names to the channels for an easier identification. Luckily, there is a help file to answer possible questions.

The player supports MIDI and KAR file formats, and you can easily open the desired tracks by dragging and dropping them onto the main window. There are buttons for the common playback functions. Moreover, there is a button that lets you preview karaoke lyrics if they are available. However, it does not allow editing them.

There are some editing operations you can perform on the open files. For instance, it is possible to transpose the songs to music and change their tempo. Some effects, like breath noise, applause, echo, can also be added. Finally, it also supports converting MIDI to WAV and MP3.

In general, Sweet MIDI Player is a small app that runs smoothly on your system. In terms of interface design, it probably needs some fixing to make it friendlier. This product can be tried for a limited period of time.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows naming channels
  • Separate volume controls for each channel
  • Supports some editing operations
  • Allows exporting to other formats
  • Supports creating playlists


  • Cannot edit lyrics
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