Super Jigsaw Boats

Super Jigsaw Boats 1.3

Explore one last summer getaway with Super Jigsaw Boats.
1.3 (See all)
By GameHouse

Explore one last summer getaway with Super Jigsaw Boats for Mac, a satisfying stroll through scenic maritime puzzles.
The cold and rainy days of Fall have arrived but that doesn’t mean you can't still enjoy a little bit of sunshine. Put away those scarves and gloves for a minute and escape the chilly weather. Place your attention on 50 colorful boat scenes and piece them back together at your leisure.

Select a quaint gondola, a fabulous yacht, or even a luxurious cruise liner as you travel up and down coasts through beautiful scenery. Customize your puzzle from as little as four pieces for young players, to well over 1000 pieces for experts! You can even choose a diversity of piece shapes! There's no end to the family fun you can have putting these images back together.

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