SugarSync Manager

SugarSync Manager 4.0

A utility that enables users to enjoy the SugarSync service.

SugarSync Manager is a utility that enables users to enjoy the SugarSync service. With this service, they can access their computer files remotely, as cloud storage will be ensured for them. The free service and utility offer 5GB storage for each account.
The application facilitates access, sharing of and syncing of files across several computers and devices for its users. With a cloud backup for files that have been selected from one's computer, the user can then access these files from a PC, a MacBook, an iPhone, an Android or BlackBerry device and other devices that are connected to the Internet. A free SugarSync account needs to be created and activated in order to gain access to the service to be allowed. When changes are made on the user's device and files are added, the service will automatically synchronize them to the cloud, as SugarSync works in the background. In this way one can start working on a file using one device and finish the work on another device. SugarSync Manager serves to manage the synchronized files and to add new ones when needed. It provides access to viewing the shared and synchronized files, as well as the file transfer status; it shows how much storage is in use at a certain moment and it also keeps the history of deleted files. When installing the utility, a folder named Magic Briefcase will be created for the purpose of making the synchronization quick and easy. Files that are dragged into the "briefcase" are automatically synchronized to the cloud and the other devices belonging to the user that are running SugarSync. Upon choice, this folder can be replaced with another convenient one.
SugarSync Manager is a utility that supports the use of the SugarSync service, a service that proves useful when you need to access certain files from different locations. By making a backup of files, users will access them from several different devices and locations by connecting to the Internet and logging in to their SugarSync account.

Margie Smeer
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  • By creating a cloud backup of files, they can be accessed from different locations, using different devices
  • Several devices can be used to access the SugarSync service, respectively the files that have been uploaded to the cloud
  • Automatic syncing of modified files


  • Some will consider that uploading their files to the cloud makes them vulnerable, depending on the importance and secrecy that must be kept for those files
  • It appears that files cannot be individually removed from the synced-items list, but only an entire folder can (using the Magic Briefcase and removing items from can solve the problem however)
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