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Free SudokuX allows you to generate random puzzles or create your own.
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SudokuX is a simple Sudoku game that allows you to generate random puzzles with different difficulty levels or create your own. In case you don't know the game, this is a puzzle game in which you must fill a grid with numbers in a specific way so that no row, column or 3x3 area has a repeated number. The puzzles can be solved or you can print them to take them wherever you go. You can print a page with multiple puzzles or just one. If you want, you can even download more puzzles from a preset website, specified in the 'File' menu.

The game offers three modes to solve the puzzles: Annotations mode (you can use markings), Simple Mode (you just enter the numbers), Edition Mode (which allows you to create your own puzzle). If you get stuck, you can use the hints, which offer many customization options according to how challenging you want the game to be. The game has simple but nice graphics, but sadly, no sounds or music.

In short, SudokuX is a very customizable sudoku game that will surely satisfy advanced players, but beginners may find it a bit complicated to use.

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  • Very customizable
  • You can create your own puzzles
  • Three modes
  • Multiple difficulty levels


  • No music or sounds
  • A bit difficult to use



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