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Free Sudoku Supremo Free is a nice time-killing game for Mac.
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Sudoku Supremo Free Sudoku is one of my favorite time-killing games for Mac. The goal is to fill in the missing numbers so that not a single number is repeated in a three by three grid or horizontally or vertically anywhere on the bigger grid. The classic Sudoku game is played in a 9x9 grid, which results in 9 different 3x3 grids. The game starts with some numbers filled in and you have to figure out which numbers to add based on the numbers that are missing. It is actually more fun than I am making it sound.

Sudoku Supremo Free features nice graphics and an interesting feature is that you can replace the numbers with Pizza toppings. It is of course easier to play with the numbers, but this adds to the challenge.

When you start a puzzle, it will be timed with a timer on the right part of the screen. You can pause at any time and when you close the application while you are solving a puzzle it will be saved so that you can continue it later.

The full version of Sudoku Supremo comes with a newspaper mode, which allows you to add your own puzzles and solve them automatically.

In my time with this app, I didn't find any problems and I found that playing was easy and the interface was responsive to my input.

JF Senior editor
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