Subliminal Image Pro 1.6

Analyze and customize subliminal images on your Mac.
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Paul Young
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Explore the idea of subliminal images using your Mac device as a controller. Adjust the transparency and darkness of selected pictures and optimize their visualization according to the specifications of your project. Save and restore particular settings between editing sessions.

Subliminal Image Pro (SIP) helps you explore the idea of subliminal images. Images flash in the center of the display on top of everything for 1-50 ms every 5-60 sec. Image darkness can be adjusted so that the images are barely perceptible. Images (jpg, tif, tiff, png and gif formats) to be used for SIP are copied by the user into the SIPPictures folder (in the user's Documents Folder) which is created when you launch SIP for the first time. Images are listed in a table on the Image Maintenance Window where they can be grouped into Categories, viewed (snapshot), and renamed. Only checked images are selected for flashing in listed or random order. All settings and Image Maintenance Window information are saved between sessions. Because of its power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed on TV in many countries.

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