Strategic Conquest Patch

Strategic Conquest Patch 4.0

military strategy game: maneuver armies, navies & air force to conquer your opponent
4.0 (See all)

Your goal in Strategic Conquest is to capture the world. You plan the strategic direction of your military, organize your forces, and expand your empire throughout an unknown and dangerous world. If you were alone, this task would be easy, but you have an adversary with the same goal of worldwide domination. You build Armies which will capture more cities to add to your production. You build Fighters to rapidly explore the world. You build Transports to carry your Armies from your home island to other islands. You build a navy, with submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, and Battleships, to protect your Transports and cripple enemy supply lines. You build Bombers to eliminate large enemy strongholds and damage his production capacity. Whether you win or lose will depend on your strategic and tactical skill.

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