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Stone Flood 2.0

Stone Flood is an entertaining puzzle game designed for Mac.
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Stone Flood is an entertaining puzzle game developed for Mac. Your objective is to flood the board with tiles of the same color. The quicker and less moves you make, the higher your final score gets.
This game can be played by using your mouse and clicking the colorful squares from the bottom side of the screen. You start from the lower-left corner of the board and move forward until the main screen is filled with a single color. The built-in tutorial comes in handy if you never played this type of puzzle game before.

You can choose between 3 difficulty levels (Beginner, Advanced or Expert) or play a random challenge. The app automatically saves your progress after completing levels and lets you customize the appearance of the main window (change theme or tile style).

Another advantage is that it features a large amount of challenging levels. What's more, Stone Flood is available for free.

In conclusion, I'd say it's definitely worth trying this app if you're a fan of solving puzzles on your free time.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice, colorful graphics
  • Provides you with more than 300 challenges
  • Offers you a quick tutorial
  • Free


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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