Stinger Desktop 2.1

Free The Stinger Desktop has been rebuilt from the ground up .
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The advantages of the new version are numerous. Updating your Stinger DSI or Card, installing the most recent version of the SpotList database or managing your MileageLog or PoliceCheck data, it's all become straight forward and painless. The update function especially, could not have been made more simple. In the past one would have to browse through complex pages on the Stinger website in order to locate the correct software updates for your DSI. Stinger Desktop 2, however, instantly recognizes your Stinger device and the appropriate downloads are started automatically. Much easier and faster and incredibly easy to use. Managing and sorting your MileageLog and PoliceCheck data has become at least as pleasant. Your MileagLog data information can now even be edited without the need to first export it to a spread sheet application.

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