Stargazer's Delight 6.3

astronomical desktop planetarium and more
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Stargazer's Delight is a desktop planetarium. It shows you: over 260,000 stars, the sky seen from any location on earth, planets, minor planets, galaxies, star clusters, all constellations and their boundaries, the phases of the moon, the apparent brightness of the planets, the length of day, thepaths of the planets, animations of the sky, great pictures of the planets, animated tutorials on selected astronomical questions and much more!
What's new in this version:
Adapted the program for wide-screen displays (especially the Star Atlas now fits the screens). The program now starts correctly from a settings file. Fixed a bug in "Telescope field of view". Real numbers are now handled correctly. Fixed a bug in "Length of Day". The edit fields for S/N and E/W were mixed up. Fixed a bug in the "Location and Date" dialog. Fixed a number of small issues and made some adjustments for compatibility wi...



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