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Star Web is a small app for editing your webproject as much as easy as possible.
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Star Web is a small app for editing your webproject as much as easy as possible.
It comes with many tools for easy editing as like table editor, HTML-Tags, GUI-Tags and many more.
With Projectexplorer you can dive into your Harddrive and find any file you want to edit, if it’s a web-compatible.
By doubleclicking it will open your file in a new EditorTab.
Projectexplorer provides you easy access to your project with any necessary information.
The Star Web Editor comes with many tools for editing your file. You can formate it or just highlight it.
You can test your file with built-in environment or third-party-apps. The Editor is also able suggest you tags you even don’t know or help you to autocomplete tags.
Autocomplete provides complete -moz and -webkit CSS3, regular HTML and different statements out of the box. Autocomplete even shows you’re personal colors from Colorpicker. Now you can customize your website as much as possible and fix display errors of different browsers except Internet Explorer which is not supported in anyway.
By hitting a key Star Web will suggest you anything belongs to it, sorted by name so that you can find the tag or statement very quick.
Colors are one of the most important things a webdesigner have to deal with. Cause of that fact Star Web delivers a complete colorpicker tool. It comes with different range of colors e.g. HSV and websafe colors. Even a colorpalette is aboard, a complete Cocoa-Colorpicker and a systemwide mouseover colorpicker for finding the color you want to hold. The Colorpicker also calculate in HEX and RGB range, so that you don’t have to. Simply copy colorcode and paste it in to your file.
Star Web is freeware and can be used as such. It’s not allowed to sell or resell Star Web and other free components or apps.
But we will not take care of what happen to your machine running Star Web or other Apps and libraries developed by Ls-Software. Star Web and others are still beta. Every third-party-module/class/library used is listed in the Credits in the AboutMenu.

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