Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition

Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition 1.0

Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition is a sci-fi action game for Mac.

Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition is a sci-fi action game.
The Old Republic is gone. The Senate has been abolished. The Jedi Knights have been exterminated. Now the Emperor seeks to crush the last remaining opposition. Against the overwhelming might of the Empire stands a small but growing Rebel Alliance.
Scattered resistance groups are uniting and what is needed most now are Starfighter pilots. Will you join their struggle to end this tyranny and become a hero of the Rebellion?

Suit up, climb aboard your own personal X-Wing and prepare to fight for your life. Out-maneuver the evil Empire's TIE fighters and Star Destroyers and blast them into oblivion. Fly over 120 deep space and Death Star surface missions against the Empire. Combat training simulates historical encounters with Imperial forces.

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