Stagecast Creator

Stagecast Creator 2.8

Stagecast Creator gives you the power to create interactive simulations, stories, games, and more.
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Stagecast Creator is a unique software product that kids love to use. It bridges two important categories of software, creativity and thinking skill development. Children use Stagecast Creator in computer labs, classrooms, technology camps, after school programs, and homes.

With Stagecast Creator, girls and boys alike use the computer mouse to create simulations and games completely visually, without a programming language. The only limit is their imagination.

Using Stagecast Creator, you can create projects on your own or with others. Make your own characters using pictures you import or draw yourself. Then, just point and click to show the characters what to do. Stagecast Creator takes care of the rest.

Stagecast Creator is easy to use, but powerful enough to create cool 2D games. When you're finished making your game, you can play it yourself or impress your friends at home or on the Web.

Stagecast Creator is easy to learn. It includes a fun and engaging interactive tutorial that guides you through making your first rule and more.

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